HMS Peterel

HMS Peterel was built in 1927 by Yarrow & Co Ltd.

She ran aground on a sandbank in June 1932, which damaged her bows.

She was sunk on 8th December 1941 whilst moored in the Shanghai reach at Shanghai.

The ships who sunk her were Japanese cruiser Idzumo, a destroyer and a gunboat who were all moored nearby, they shot from point blank range and Peterel sank almost immediately, offering only machine gun fire in return, (the 3" gun breech blocks were in Hong Kong at the time).

Of the 18 members of the crew who were on board at the time of the sinking, 6 were killed and several were wounded, 3 men had been ashore and two of them were captured (the other man J Cuming, evaded capture for the duration of the war).