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John Pountney

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Able Seaman

John joined Repulse as a boy in July 39 and was an AB when she was sunk

A collection of some of his photographs


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Boxing match 1

Boxing match 2

HMS Repulse

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Father & Son?

Son at home?

Son & Friend?

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Unknown Marine

Main picture

Unknown Sailor

My late father, John Pountney, was a 20 year old seaman on the Repulse when she was sunk. I believe he was a gunner on one of the secondary guns. 

I'm afraid I know little about them as Father never put any notes on the backs of the photos. I know he was a boxer so that probably explains the two shots of the boxing match, he might well have been one of the participants.
The guys on the other pictures I haven't got a clue about and can only assume they were taken on the Repulse.

Bob Pountney
Please contact myself or Andy (webmaster) with any information.


If anyone can identify anyone in these pictures, please let me know, I can supply larger versions of the boxing matches, in greater detail.

Andy Wade (Webmaster

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