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Patrick Donald Metcalfe Munro

Sub Lieutenant


My fatherıs name was Patrick Donald Metcalfe Munro, a volunteer navy sub-lieutenant serving on HMS Tenedos from 1 November 1941 to 1 April 1942. He was transferred on the 1st and of course she was sunk on the 5th. He left the navy a full lieutenant at the end of the war and ended up dying of natural causes in January 1996 at his home in Wiltshire, U.K. 

I have  three photos taken by him that I think may be of interest. The first two were taken on 2 February 1942, I believe from the deck of the Tenedos as she steamed out of Singapore with HMAS Hobart for Batavia, Dutch East Indies, from which route they were both diverted to pick up survivors from the SS Norah Moller on the 4th. Smoke from burning buildings, resulting from that dayıs Japanese bombing raid on Singapore, is clearly visible.

The third photo is particularly interesting. It shows the Tenedos moored at Colombo Harbour, Ceylon, on 1 April. This was the day my father was transferred from her. Clearly, the photo was taken from the stern of a smaller vessel, I assume the lighter taking him to his new ship. The note I have accompanying the photo says it was the last photo ever taken, by anyone, of the Tenedos. She was sunk on the 5th in exactly the same spot, after a Japanese bomb hit the aft torpedo tubes during the infamous Easter Sunday raid.

As a matter of further interest, the ship whose bows are visible in the distance on the right is the aircraft carrier HMS Formidable, according to my fatherıs note, which provided the Hawker Hurricanes that provided some defence against the Easter raid. The thing sitting atop her is probably a Fairey Swordfish torpedo bomber.

Douglas Munro

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