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Crew members with no names known (Taken from group pictures supplied to us)

We would love to give names to these men, if you recognise anyone, please email me.


Andy Wade.



Some pictures have a larger version where possible, click on the pictures to view them.

Alfred W Cox.jpeg (43007 bytes)

Main picture

We know that this is a peacetime shot, because the men have the name 'HMS Repulse' on their caps, during wartime it would have been replaced by just 'HMS'. (at least this is the case on HMS Repulse). Some other ships, like HMS Revenge for example, had crew wearing the 'HMS Revenge' Tally on their caps even during wartime.

unknownsailor1.jpeg (22711 bytes)

Sailor 1

unknownsailor2.jpeg (7534 bytes)

Sailor 2

Sailor 3

unknownsailor4.jpeg (18787 bytes)

Sailor 4

Sailor 5

Sailor 6

unknownsailor7.jpeg (19430 bytes)

Sailor 7

Sailor 8

unknownsailor9.jpeg (23976 bytes)

Sailor 9

unknownsailor10.jpeg (21647 bytes)

Sailor 10

This is believed to be Reginald (Nobby Hall) (29625 bytes)

Reginald (Nobby) Hall

unknownsailor12.jpeg (6605 bytes)

Sailor 12

unknownsailor13.jpeg (22130 bytes)

Sailor 13

coxalfredw.jpeg (29907 bytes)

Alfred W. Cox

10men.jpeg (40134 bytes)

Main Picture

A group of men with Ian Hay on the right hand side front row

Sailor A1

Sailor A2 - Probably Robert Nesbitt

Sailor A3

Sailor A4

Boy Seaman Albert Pring at HMS Impregnable training base in 1939.

Sailor A5 - Probably Albert Pring

Sailor A6

Sailor A7

Sailor A8

Sailor A9

Ian Hay

Mates of George Edward Bootherstone

bootherstone2.jpeg (38748 bytes)

Main Picture

This is of George Edward Bootherstone and some of his mates, We'd like to try and identify them if at all possible.

George is on the back row on the right.

bootherstone1.jpeg (19054 bytes)

George Edward Bootherstone












chaps.jpeg (42505 bytes)

A picture of some of the crew of HMS Repulse, thought to have been taken between 27th February 1939 and 1st January 1940.

The men are from HMS Repulse and the Fleet Air Arm, colleagues of Ronald Douglas Scott


There are some more pictures of unknown sailors here, from a collection by John Pountney, AB - HMS Repulse.

7officersa.jpg (18739 bytes)

A picture of some of the officers of HMS Repulse, one of which is Commander Harold Lang (3rd from left) the pictures below are of the officers, from left to right.

Officer A

Officer B

Officer C

Officer D

Officer E

Officer F

smutsinspectiona.jpg (30901 bytes)

Another picture from the collection of Commander Harold Lang, when Field Marshall Smuts visited the ship in South Africa, two clear pictures of officers are visible, other than Captain Tennant and Commander Lang

Officer 1

Officer 2