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Cyril Noble Swanson
Able Seaman
Service number TD/X 2194


Cyril's record of service (click for a larger view in a new window)  (51878 bytes)


My fathers offical number was TD/X2194
Full name: Cyril Noble Swanson
Date of birth: 18 Sept 1916
Address: 13 Marden Terrace, Cullercoats, Northumberland
Date of enrolment 23 May 1939
S1075 No. 473118 issued 9 March 1946

My father, Cyril Noble Swanson was on HMS Encounter when it was sunk in the Java Sea on 2 March 1942. He survived the sinking and ended up as a prisoner of the Japanese for 3 and a half years on Celebes. He died in 1968 as a direct result of this, so I don't know much about what happened, however, I have his Certificate of Service for a Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve.
In this record, under the column 'SHIP (tenders to be inserted in brackets)' the following are listed from 1939: Pembroke1- 1939. Pembroke 2 (imogen) -1939, Pembroke 1 -1940, Nimrod -1940, Cormorant (Encounter) -1940, Nile (Encounter) -1941 , Sultan (Encounter) 1941-2, Lanka (Encounter) -1942, Pembroke (Prisoner of War) - 1942 - 1945, Pembroke 1946.

Regards and many thanks,
Derek Swanson


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