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Cuthbert Robert Holland Taylor

First Lieutenant


TAYLOR, Cuthbert Robert Holland ("Cuth"), Commodore - Commander - Order of the British Empire (CBE) - RCN - Awarded as per Canada Gazette of 10 June 1944 and London Gazette of 8 June 1944. 

Born at Weymouth, Nova Scotia on 15 November 1895. Naval Cadet, RCN at the Royal Naval College of Canada (Second Term) in 1912. Midshipman, RCN in 1914 and to HMS Berwick for Training. To HMS Caesar for Training in 1916. To HMCS Niobe and HMCS Rainbow for training in 1916. To HMS Victory II in 1917. To HMS Acheron (Torpedo Boat Destroyer) in 1917. To HMS Druid in 1919. To HMS Victory I in 1919. To HMS Parker in 1919. To HMS Victory I in 1919. To HMS Carysfort in 1919. To Guelph Depot in 1921. To Naval Service HQ in 1921. To HMCS Aurora and HMCS Patriot in 1921 to 1923. To Stadacona in 1923. To HMS Pembroke for Gunnery School in 1924. To HMS Victory for Signals Navigation and Torpedo Schools in 1924. To HMS Woolwich for HMS Teazer for Reserve Fleet Exercises in 1924. To HMS Victory in 1924. To HMS Dido in 1924. To Stadacona for HMCS Ypres in 1925. Last Commanding Officer of HMCS Patriot (Cruiser) from 7 October 1928 to 23 October 1927. Promoted Lieutenant-Commander in 1926 and to Naval Service HQ in 1927. To HMS Victory in 1930. To HMS Champion in 1920. First Lieutenant on HMS Dorsetshire in 1930. To Stadacona and Naval Service HQ in 1931. Promoted to Commander in 1934 and to Royal Navy Staff Course in 1935. To HMS Nelson in 1937. 

Commanding Officer of HMCS Ottawa (I) (River Class Destroyer - H60) from 2 October 1938 to 20 November 1938. To Stadacona as Director of Naval Reserve from 15 December 1938 to 2 September 1940. To Naval HQ and adds Director of Naval Personnel to Director of Naval Reserves in 1940. Promoted to Captain in 1940. 

Commanding Officer of HMCS Assiniboine (I) (River Class Destroyer - D118) from 16 September 1940 to 20 October 1940 and Senior Officer Halifax Force in 1940. To HMCS St. Francis (Town Class Destroyer - I93) in 1940. To HMCS Assiniboine (I) in 1940. To Stadacona for disposal in 1940. Back to HMCS Assiniboine (I) as Additional Senior Officer during Commodore Murray's Absence in 1940. To Stadacona as Additional Staff Captain to Senior Officer Halifax Force in 1940. Pennant in HMCS St. Croix as Captain (D) Town Class Destroyers in 1940. To HMCS Dominion in Command and Senior Naval Officer HMC Ships in UK Waters in 1940. To HMCS Niobe (London) as Additional Captain Commanding Canadian Ships and Establishments in UK Waters for Administrative Control in 1941. To Venture as Commanding Officer and as Naval Officer-in-Charge Halifax and as King's Harbour Master in 1942. Promoted Commodore Second Class in 1943 and to HMCS Avalon as Flag Officer Newfoundland Force. To Stadacona as Additional as Commanding Officer Atlantic Coast in 1945. To Scotian as Commanding Officer Atlantic Coast and as Superintendent HMC Dockyard Halifax and East Coast Repairs in 1946. Promoted Rear-Admiral in 1946 and in 1948 made Flag Officer Atlantic Coast. Retired in 1949. 

TAYLOR. Cuthbert "Cuth" Robert Holland, 0-71880, 

Cdt 1912, 2nd term RNCC, 

Mid [25.1.14] RCN, A/S/Lt [1.12.16] 

HMS VIVID for HMS ACHERON tb, (1.3.17-?) S/Lt [5.6.18] 

A/Lt [5.6.18] Lt [5.11.18] HMS CARYSFORT (20.11.19-?) 

HMCS AURORA 1921, HMCS PATRIOT (8.11.22-?) 


HMCS PATRIOT 1,004/16, DD, CO, (7.10.25-4.4.26) 

HMCS PATRIOT 1,004/16, DD, CO, (5.4.26-23.10.27) 

LCdr [5.8.26] HMCS NADEN (24.7.28-?) RN Service 1930, 

NSHQ Asst/Dir Naval Ops & Training (23.7.32-?) 

Cdr [5.8.34]

HMCS STADACONA (D/S) CO, (1.9.34-) HMS PRESIDENT (12.1.37-?) 

HMS NELSON, (20.12.37-?) 

HMCS OTTAWA (H60) DD, CO, & Cdr(D) (2.10.38-20.11.38) 

NSHQ, Dir/Naval/Pers, (15.12.38-?) Capt [1.7.40] NSHQ, 

HMCS ASSINIBOINE (I18) DD, CO, (16.9.40-29.10.40) 

HMCS NIOBE Capt CO HMC ships & establisments UK (1.6.41-?) 

Cmdre 2nd/cl 1942, 

Cmdre Halifax & King's Harbour Master 1942, 

HMCS AVALON(D/S) St' John's Nfld, CO & 

FO/Nfld Force (1.11.43-?) 

CBE~[6.6.44] Cmdre 1st/cl 1945, 

HMCS SCOTIAN (D/S) COAC [6.9.45] RAdm [1.4.46] 

COAC & Sup/HMC Dockyard (16.2.47-?) 

FOAC, (1.5.48-?) Pensioned [28.4.49]

Naval Cadet, RCN 27 January 1912 (Royal Naval College of Canada Second Term) 

Midshipman, RCN 25 January 1914 (Served in HMCS Niobe and HMCS Rainbow) 

Acting Sub-Lieutenant, RCN 01 December 1916 (Aboard HMS Acheron Torpedo Boat Destroyer) 

Acting Lieutenant, RCN 05 June 1918 (Served in HMCS Aurora) 

Lieutenant, RCN 05 November 1918 (Served in HMCS Patriot) 

Lieutenant-Commander, RCN 05 August 1926 (Last Commanding Officer of HMCS Patriot) 

Commander, RCN 05 August 1934 (Commanding Officer of HMCS Ottawa) 

Captain, RCN 01 July 1940 (Commanding Officer of HMCS Assiniboine) 

Commodore 2nd Class, RCN 16 March 1943 (Flag Officer Newfoundland Force) 

Commodore 1st Class, RCN (WHA) 01 November 1943 (Flag Officer Newfoundland Force) 

Commodore, RCN 15 October 1945 (Commanding Officer Atlantic Coast) 

Rear-Admiral, RCN 01 April 1946 (Flag Officer Atlantic Coast) 

Retired 28 April 1949 

"Commodore Taylor has made an invaluable contribution to the war effort, in that he organized the Port of Halifax to cope with unprecedented Naval and Mercantile traffic, and also as Flag Officer Commanding Naval Forces engaged in active war operations form Newfoundland, in which appointment he is still serving with distinction."

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