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Anthony Horace Staniforth

Able Seaman
JX 155764


Anthony Horace Staniforth (JX 155764)

Survivor/crew member of HMS Dorsetshire

My Father was Anthony Horace Staniforth - he was originally from Cardiff, Wales. Anthony was a survivor of the sinking. I believe from his service record he was an AB at that time. He joined the ship on 19 April 1939 and survived the sinking (just), by clinging to a "butchers block" (so he told me) which was a bit ironic as his profession before joining up was "Butcher's boy!" He left the RN on 13 Dec. 1951 with a substantive rating of PO, but was registered Disabled after that. He died in 1975 after several heart operations, aged 54.


Anthony JOHN Staniforth
(My mum named me Tony - 'cos she said she never expected him to survive, so I was called John after he returned - much to her surprise!!)

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Anthony JOHN Staniforth (Son).