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Robert Nicklin


I volunteered at 17 for the Royal Navy in 1940 and saw action on my first ship which was damaged by bomb and machine guns, and was in action against the Bismarck on H.M.S. Dorsetshire firing 240 rounds of 8" shells and after putting three torpedoes into her and watching her sink, rescued 84 survivors, bombarding North African coast, took part in the landings at Madagacar, and loads of action in the Mediterranean including three Malta convoy's and with another Destroyer sank 13enemy ships in an action lasting 3hours and on my return to England was just in time to take part in the Normandy landings on the Cruiser H.M.S. Emerald who with other British warships bombarded the shore batteries on the French coast, was hit by a bomb and sustained only slight damage' returned to Pompey for repairs and then went back to the landings, returning to England after things had settled down. 

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