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Alec Parsons




Alec Parsons in August 2003

My Uncle Alec Parsons was a Steward aboard SS Automedon. 

During the attack by Atlantis, shelling wiped out the bridge and smashed those on it to bits.

This is why confidential documents were not thrown overboard because there was no one in authority left to do it. My Uncle was very severely wounded and carries shrapnel in him to this day. By a strange quirk of fate he was saved by the surgeon on board Atlantis.

He then spent many years in Marlag Nord. Kapitan Rogge of Atlantis ran the place. To date my Uncle has never received a pension for his wounds and when he recently applied was turned down. The surgeon actually said there was a problem with his x-ray. No there isn't replied my uncle, it's shrapnel. He still has nightmares about his experience that day. No way to treat our men be they Royal or Merchant. He maintains to this day that the whole thing was fishy and they should not have been where they ended up.


He has been in contact with various people over the years but most are dead now.  One thing they all agree on is that they were set up so as to bring America into the war.  I don't suppose we will ever know.  He made the comment that he thought it strange that the lady passenger ( Violet Ferguson ) (wife of a plantation guy) insisted that the German boarding crew collect her bags/luggage from below.  That is when they found the documents he says.  Personally I can't see the Germans being ordered about by a woman in those circumstances so perhaps he has a point.



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